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Empire – Total War by Sega, released just 3 months, ago has been one of the best selling PC games ever since. This is the ultimate strategy game kind of like Civilization and Age of Empires combined. The 3D graphics of this game is just stellar, and will serve as hours upon hours of eye candy for you. Similarly, the music, sound effects, and voice-overs are just as stunning. You’ll really feel like you’re in the middle of a world war.

New iPad 2 comes with FaceTime feature for video chat. You can also use all the third-party applications like Skype for chatting with your family and friends. It also includes Smart Cover accessory that allows the device to automatically and can also be folded to be a holder. Since iPad 2 comes with dual core processors called A5 it allows the application load much faster as well as perform other computing tasks in a more efficient way. The processor of iPad 2 is actually the design of the ARM Cortex A9.

Downloading PC games is without a doubt the easiest way to purchase PC Games online. At Direct2Drive you can Download the latest releases of the top PC games directly to your PC. Their website layout is extremely easy to navigate. You can search for a specific PC games or browse threw categories to find the PC games you are looking for. All PC Games have a few screen shots of the game play to give you an idea of the Games graphics.

No. Please, don’t take it so seriously with this Bounty Hunter game. This clip is great and I’m glad at the opportunity to learn more about Anakin’s original owner on Clone Wars. It will be interesting to see if Anakin actually interacts with Gardulla.

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RA: The goal for Dune Trader Games in 2013 is to migrate from an Ebay store to its own online store and to provide more products, articles, and news about RPGs and other Tabletop games. Since DTG primarily sells used RPGs I’d like to be a source of not just games, but of information about these older games. To that end I’ve hired writer and fellow gamer CW Alexander to write a series of short articles on collecting RPGs.

I’m a HUGE Dark Sun fan, which is a setting from AD&D 2nd edition. In that setting there are merchant, traders who wander the wastes looking for deals. These are called dune traders. I though the name seemed appropriate so I grabbed it. Then I bought about $1,500 in merchandise from a couple of collections and I started selling, that was about 9 months ago.

Following these rules, along with those generally recommended for social gatherings, will ensure a comfortable, fun evening for all concerned, and allow new gamers to fit in and become a welcome member of any gaming community.